Birmingham, Alabama


  • Alabama ASLA Honor Award
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award

Civil Rights District

The scope of this project was the complete redesign of two downtown blocks in the historic district of Birmingham. The area includes the historic Kelly Ingram Park, the Civil Rights District and the 16th Street Baptist Church, which was a staging ground for many of the Civil Rights marches that took place in Birmingham and lead to the eventual Civil Rights legislation. Since the redesign, the site was chosen as a National Monument.

Several focal point sculptures were implemented across the site as memorials to the events that took place here including a large water feature, several shelter structures and streetscape improvements. Existing trees were preserved and historic pedestrian routes were reinforced and unified with hardscape and paving elements. Greenview Studio was instrumental in coordinating all consultants and civic entities to ensure that the final park product was appropriate and would serve the needs of those patrons using the park as well as those maintaining it.